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At Circle of Angels, we strive to offer uniquely rewarding internship experiences, including the opportunity to directly serve patients and families. The contributions our interns make are invaluable, which is why they are directly included in the coordination of care among the interdisciplinary team. Interns receive many opportunities to learn from experienced staff of all disciplines. Interns improve their psychosocial support skills as they are exposed to a variety of clinical settings, demographics, and diagnoses. In addition, interns learn clinical documentation via an electronic medical record under the close supervision of staff members.

We are proud of the role we play in training upcoming professionals to understand and care for patients facing life-limiting illnesses and consider an internship a success when the intern leaves feeling as if they were treated as a valued, equal member of the team. Circle of Angels offers internship opportunities in several clinical disciplines, including:

Social Work Intern: Master’s and Bachelor-level students meeting the field placement requirements through an accredited school of social work.

Bereavement Intern: Master’s, Bachelors or Associate-level students meeting the field work requirements of a counseling-related degree (mental health counseling, psychology, etc.).

Chaplain Intern: Master’s and Bachelors-level students meeting the field work requirements of a spiritual counseling-related degree (divinity, pastoral counseling, theology, etc.).